Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Amazon–Microsoft SharePoint on AWS–Reference Architecture

Amazon – AWS has seemed to have caught the imagination of a lot folks lately with its “increasing love for Microsoft products”. AWS provides a complete set of services and tools for deploying Windows workload including Microsoft SharePoint. Some kind of a satirical comment apparently no, just new out of Amazon yard is “Microsoft SharePoint on AWS – Reference Architecture”.

AWS & MSFT have partnered to enable customers to deploy enterprise class workloads involving Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server on a pay as you go, on-demand elastic infrastructure, thereby eliminating the capital cost for server hardware and greatly reducing the provisioning time required to create or extend SharePoint Server farm. The on-demand elastic infrastructure on Amazon is somewhat of an icing on the cake and one need to really understand how it can really help. The pay as you go model is interesting and how does it differ from Microsoft SharePoint online.

Amazon seemed to have used SharePoint for its own corporate intranet; this is really interesting to see “Dog food before sell mantra” really may work.