Saturday, 12 January 2013

What does it take get an Enterprise Solution in Cloud–Webinar Series


Enterprise Grade Application in cloud especially for Platform as a Service is in thing. It can difficult trying to get various parts of the architecture on the cloud. There will be a 10 part session starting from Feb 12th 2013 below is the link in case interested parties want to attend , the session will be recorded.

An Enterprise Grade Solution is likely to have the following bare metal components

Decomposing your enterprise architecture into cloud. PaaS is feature loaded in terms of Web, Worker & VM Role where to use what, how does one handle multi-tenancy, how does on look into geo deployment scenarios

Storage Strategies: Cloud provides a host of storage strategies starting from unstructured blobs, tables, queues to structured relational. Not to forget the Big Data. A good extensible data access strategy baked in with CQRS and other goods is important.

Service Oriented All the way: The cloud world all the components are loosely coupled. How to architect around SOA principles.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting:With loosely coupled comes the need to have a very robust monitoring and troubleshooting strategy for all the components on cloud.

Failure Resistant Architecture: The cloud is full of known and unknown probable failure risk. What is the strategy and failure resistant architecture “how much do we bake into the components and architecture in general”.

User Management: This includes a whole load of things authentication, authorization , personalization , socialization ….

Search: PaaS does not provide an enterprise wide search, what should search strategy be.

Workflow Engine: A key component “business processes are likely to change a good workflow engine (BPM) in cloud is essential.

Service Bus: Cloud comes baked in with reasonable good building blocks to promote SOA , service bus is the key , how to make efficient use across the architecture.

Collaboration: An enterprise solution in cloud has many solution areas which need a collaborative tool which provides IM, Chat and Document Management capability.

Audit Trail: The applications on cloud are no different than on premise functionally speaking, A robust strategy for audit trail of the components is very pleasing.

Security Strategy: The subject needs no introduction.

Analysis and Intelligence: With all that transactional data one has need to have analysis build in as core of the platform. It cannot be an after thought.

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