Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cloud - The Happening

I was walking by a cafe in New York in the nineties and could'nt help noticing my dear indian friend who was about to have a coffee was slightly hesitant to use his credit card in the small outlet. About 15 years down the line I see the same outlet and the so called magnifiicent use of credit cards is roaring. What does this have to do with Cloud well similar situation lets talk 15 years down the line, companies confidence in using Cloud will only go up.
Like credit cards has seen its phase from non acceptance to daily cant live without item so will cloud.
Most companies today have gone past the definition phase of cloud and thats good. Most SI, software consulting companies have begun to invest a huge in building cloud expertise. While SI incubate and build the capacity I think they are also cognizant to the fact that the cloud discussions with the customer will be very different.  What's is it in for the SI who brings the organizations to cloud a lot , one time migration cost, annuity based business for next 20 years.
Here comes the catch - The discussions with CxO's of the companies is going to very different somewhat like "Can you take my an entire ecosystem into cloud in agile manner within next 6 months & reduce my IT cost by 30% YOY", What does mean to the SI " moving a hybrid ecosystem to a hybrid cloud and taking complete ownership of the SLAs and making dollars at the end of the day. While cloud provider make there bit on low hangers its the SI who will make the bulk of the money and pass a smaller pie to the Cloud provider.
The discussion is really not going to be around "Can you move 1 application to azure , aws etc..." Its a one bullet agenda "Can you move my ecosystem to cloud and give a 30% savings on IT costs, so that I go home on a larger bonus".