Monday, 11 March 2013

Enterprise PaaS is Finally There….


2,000 applications in .NET and Java built, supported by a team of 430 development teams initially spread over 4 datacenters have been moved to PaaS, sounds very exciting , this is not Azure, AWS, or Cloud Foundry, its Enterprise Private PaaS and this is currently deployed at JPMC.

700% improvement in developer productivity and 50 day reduction in time-to-market for new applications. These numbers may sound very pleasing take it with a pinch of salt.

The Enterprise PaaS in discussion is at JPMC and the stack is Apprenda.

From the documentation of Apprenda, its apparent Apprenda provides a private PaaS with a lot of similarity from an architecture standpoint of view to a Public PaaS something like an Azure. You can find all the details on Apprenda here. Additionally they provide an evaluation edition of the stack which can installed and played with. It does have some learning lessons for the Public PaaS platform for sure.

Links to

1. JPMC adoption to Private PaaS.

2. Apprenda.