Thursday, 3 April 2014

Global Azure boot camp Mumbai 29th March 2014



Speaking at Global Azure Boot Camp 29/3 @ Mumbai has been quite a delight. Giving back to community plays a vital role in fuelling growth.

Covered topics around Cloud Computing  The Next Paradigm , Big Data & Large-scale Implementation on Azure. Find the presentation on the links below.

Cloud computing, Windows Azure has gained a general acceptance among the Microsoft and non-Microsoft participants. The drive around Open Source is seemingly building up around Azure.  The delighter to the sessions were the eagerness to know more about Big Data or HDInsight. Hadoop continues to be a bit of crystal ball gazing for most participant, a promising one. The twinkle in eyes of most to know more around the stack can/will be done in the coming session.

Most business user and software folks get asked the questions around the biggest implementation on Azure Platform. This is more of indicator to endorse there thought process.

Would like to make a special mention of Ajay Khankojhe from Synergetics the event was conducted wonderfully.


1. Large-scale Implementation on Windows Azure

2. Cloud Computing – The Next Paradigm

3. Big Data Basics